Have you ever been curious about how to ask a girl out over text or how to find a girlfriend?

I sure have and I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about it. So, here we go. You need to know where the girls you like hang out. If you like chicks who are very lively and like parties then it’s pretty rare to find them from knitting class. Also, when you like nice and shy girls then the bars and clubs are not the place to find them. You aint gonna find them there. So, decide what type of girls you like and go to places that are more likely to have that kind of chicks present.

The next thing is to go out and approach the chicks. Remember, the approach is an important factor. No, I am not going to tell you WHAT to say – that doesn’t matter anyways. What matters is HOW you say these things. The girl does not know you and she is going to make conclusions about you from the way you present yourself. Let’s take a look at how to successfully approach a girl. The core attraction generators are confidence and non-neediness. Confidence is the feeling you must have in your heart when stepping up to the girl. You will have to belive that everything you say is awesome in order for her to feel attraction towars you. Also you will have to be free from outcome. You need to be like a rock, strong and not shaken by rejections. Women test you subconsiously to find out if you really are that confident dude or just a dude pretending to be cool. The best way to pass these “tests” is to not reach when she says something that would throw you off. Things like: “you are too short, you are too fat, you are too old” etc. This shows that you don’t care about her approval and have abundance. A dude who is not needy and confident is a real catch for women.

If you are a dude that is confident and not needy then getting a gf is quite easy. You will oftentimes see that chicks will start chasing you to get your approval and affection. It’s also important to be physical. Self-confidence and being not needy are both important but if you are not physical then the chick will turn you down. Worse case, they think you are gay. If you get physical with her then there should be no doubt in her mind that you want her.

Ok, you have met the girl, she is attracted to you, what next? What’s the way to make her be your gf? I like to think that it’s much easier to make a woman your gf if you sleep with her as soon as you can. Think about it, she likes you, she likes having sex with you and now you say: “hey, you wanna be my gf?”. Of course she is going to agree (unless she has had a bad relationship behind her and the wounds are still fresh). You hang out and do stuff with her as you do with your friends but you also sleep with her. That’s what couples do!

Now go out there and pick up some girls. I’m pretty sure that’s why you started reading the post in the first place. Also check out posts from Women Made Simple as you can find a lot of good posts about picking up chicks from there like http://womenmadesimple.com/how-to-ask-a-girl-out-over-text/.